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Hi, I'm Taylor

I’m from East Atlanta Village. A quirky tattoo-bar district with lots of character. I grew up as a theater kid with a diverse group of friends. Growing up in the city made it easy to see and accept all walks of life. I think that has played a huge part in my passion for helping & creating for people.

I’ve always been animated, creative and a hustlepreneur. As the youngest of five, I sold bracelets I would make at home, braided hair, and made mixed CD’s for friends to cushion my movie and roller-rink allowance. Needless to say I had a commerce, supply and demand mindset early on.

I bought my first DSLR camera and Macbook (big deal at the time). That stemmed my love for graphic design. As an Atlanta native and performing arts high-school graduate, I fused hustle with arts and pursued a career in Media Arts, Production & Creative Direction.

College Taylor

A year after completing my M.F.A from Kennesaw State, I landed a “dream” corporate position. The gig and pay was great, but my freelanced side-hustles, that carried me through college, constantly pulled me from my 9-5 “dream job”.

Like others during Covid19, I was laid off, which was sort of a relief. I didn't have to wake up crazy hours or miss meals trying to make my side hustles work with WORK. This was the time I needed to solidify my business models, potential scaling and to step put on faith.

As I began facilitating the launch of my friends' businesses, funny enough, I got another “dream” job aligning with my degree. But the cat was out the bag!

With everyone at home, the websites I’d created were going viral, the referrals were pouring in, sales were doing tremendously well. I had to make a decision. Was I going to keep battling the inner hustle-preneur, hustling on corporate time, and hiding from my purpose? Or, would I fully commit to my dream of enabling people to be their own bosses and funding their own dreams, by creating cool shit?

You guessed it - I said a prayer then I stepped out on faith.

The success of my friends (now successful multi-business owners) and the outcry from people needing the SAME services, were the fuel I needed to solidify my purpose and officially launch Taylor The Creator Agency for hustlepreneurs everywhere.

Today, I build big websites and marketing materials for small businesses. There are no designs like mine on the internet. I’ve blended my love for art with my background in tech and my passion for helping people. I’ve always been genuine in my business – making sure people know I want them to love their projects and be 100% satisfied when they’re done with my service.

I’m most proud of celebrating 3 years at my agency. I started it just shy of covid and right after I got laid off from a big corporate tech position. I’m a self taught web designer so – it wasn’t easy getting to the design abilities I have now.My first website was horrible. But I practiced. As in, I worked for free. I built websites for my friends, then started charging – on the low. Mainly for the time it took me. I kept building crappy websites for people until I got better, then confident. Then able to scale my business up enough to handle bigger projects. Like the Official PGA tour augmented reality website for Qunitar AI. They went on to win sponsorships at the GoogleIO 2023 conference.

Then one of my websites that went viral – A website for a food museum in Atlanta called “The Bando ATL”. A design that was dreamed into fruition from a notepad in the back of an abandoned restaurant. This is also one of my favorite triumph stories. If you look at the owner, Terry – now he has major deals with Uber eats, kickstarted a production company, is making a huge impact on the youth in Atlanta, a second location grand opening. I want the world to know the sky is really the limit. The moment you decide to pour into your passions is when you’ll start walking in your purpose. I love creating, seeing my creations elevate businesses to unimaginable new heights.

Here at Taylor The Creator Agency, we are driven to bringing entrepreneurial dreams to life and giving people BACK the gift of being their own bosses, and family time, by reversing the corporate mindset and shattering through glass ceilings leading to financial freedom.

With us, the sky's the limit and we look forward to achieving your business dreams!

"The future of work is diverse and inclusive. Let's all work together to create a workplace where everyone feels valued and respected."

Writer Taylor Smith


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