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Meet Top 5% Atlanta Realtor Gina Smith

Updated: Jun 18

Gina Smith is a native of Columbus, Georgia and began a career in banking working in Seoul, Korea; Germany, and local banks in Atlanta. Gina started in the industry as a Real Estate Paralegal over 21 years ago and has since served hundreds of satisfied clients.  Gina has worked with several film and television studios as a Location Specialist for talent accommodations.  Gina also works on residential and commercial projects of all sizes making her a veteran to the real estate industry.  

Gina's background in finance along with her superior knowledge of local markets makes her a single point of contact for all of your home buying and selling needs. Gina's creativity, eye for detail, and years of experience in Atlanta are what make her so successful in matching clients with their ideal properties.  In her free time, Gina enjoys a round of golf with her husband and spending time with her children.

Gina started off in Real Estate in the late 80’s as a Resident Manager in her hometown of Columbus, Georgia.

Gina tells Voyage ATL, "Treating people with kindness goes a long way. Fast forward to now, I own my own Real Estate company and building my brand is very important to me. My brand is solely built on hard work, building relationships, and giving my absolute best. If I can’t show up and give my best, I will take a personal day off. So far I can count on 1 hand all of the personal days I have taken. Real Estate has been a part of my life for most of my life. I love helping people invest in their dreams of homeownership and building their portfolio of investments. It’s extremely rewarding."

Smith Fine Homes Atlanta is Gina's real estate company. She assist buyers, sellers, and investors in negotiating the deal of their dream. Gina is known for her long track record, her superb relationships with past clients and industries counterparts and ability to get the job done!

Gina tells Voyage ATL, "One job as a real Estate as a paralegal has armed me with tools that have been the key to my fierce negotiation tools. I know contracts, titles, surveys, legal description like no other! Try me! I have been able to spot miniscule issues in paperwork that could otherwise derail an entire deal."

As a Top 5% Producer amongst Atlanta realtors, Gina has been serving the area for 20+ years. She provides a professional and stress-relieving experience. Gina is community-minded, as an active supporter of Rainbow House, a nonprofit organization serving adolescent victims of abuse.

Gina tells Voyage ATL, "Being true, upfront, and loyal. I strive to set an example for young female entrepreneurs, and being a role model is not being popular. But I’m not afraid to take risks. Or put myself out there. I am constantly working to better myself so I can be a better boss and bigger contribution. Keep your dreams close, and your confidence closer!"


  • For less than $2,000 per month, we will get you a home for around $300,000

  • Depending on your household size and income you may be eligible to qualify for down payment assistance. Upwards of $25K!

  • Gina would love to have a sit down and discuss the needs of her potential new buyers!

Gina's Contact Info:

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Founder / Writer Taylor Smith


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