What I Offer

Web Design Services


Deposit - $100

2-3 week turn around

3-4 site pages maximum *

Got a website you’re not entirely happy with?

I get it.

Let's improve your user experience and

get the momentum back in your business.


Platforms I service: Wix, EverWeb, WordPress.


Deposit - $150

28 day turn around

Ready for your digital doorstep?

Let's do this.

You've prepared your content and your ready to share your business with the world.


Platforms I service: Wix, EverWeb, WordPress.

Tips for your revamp

Analyze the “old” website

Create a list of desired design changes

Identify your priorities

Find a site you admire for brand-flow, usability and design

Tips for creating your site

Prepare your content (Photos, Colors, Wording/Information)

Decide what users need to know from your site (Home, About Us, Services)

Know your brand