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Managing Your  Site

Congratulations on doing something amazing for your business. This guide is here for your reference and troubleshooting free time. 


We are one call away to service any website updates, changes or inquiries you may need addressed.

Accessing Your Wix Site

New Sites: Accept the invitation to collaborate from Taylor The Creator Team via Wix. Current sites: Go to and sign in to your Wix account to access your site's Editor, manage your business from your site's dashboard, and more. To sign in to your Wix account, you'll need the email address you used to create the account and your password (or your current email address and password if you updated them).

Roles & Permissions: Inviting People to Collaborate on Your Site

Invite people to collaborate on your site with Roles & Permissions. Each role includes a list of permissions, so you can control who can make changes on your site and dashboard. You can change collaborator roles, create custom roles, and remove collaborator access as needed.

Accessing Your Editor | Help Center |

To access your Editor: Go to your site's dashboard. Click Edit Site.

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